Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sues for sexual assault

He said former New York state governor Andrew Cuomo was indicted in court Thursday with sexual assault of a former employee, another step in a case that forced him to resign this summer. – We learned from a judicial source.

“A criminal case has been filed against former Governor Andrew Cuomo in Albany City Court,” a New York state court spokesperson told AFP, adding that it was related to a sexual relationship.

Diffusée par plusieurs médias, la plainte datée de jeudi et émanant du bureau du sherif du comté d’Albany, accuses l’ancien gouverneur d’attouchement forcé » le 7 décembre 2020, à sa résidence officielle, la capitale de Albany condition. This complaint merits an indictment and means that the former governor can be tried in criminal proceedings.

After being accused for months by former employees, the 63-year-old governor resigned on August 11, a week after the publication of a damning investigative report listing the cases of 11 women who had been sexually harassed or assaulted.

An astonishing fall for this descendant of Italian immigrants, who have ruled the country’s fourth state (about 20 million people) since 2011 and was aspiring to a fourth term in 2022.

At the height of the coronavirus epidemic, when New York was the epicenter of the American earthquake in the spring of 2020, it gained the status of a national star. With his daily press briefings, rational and reassuring, this seasoned but considered tough and authoritarian politician has changed his proportions, embodied the antithesis of Donald Trump, whose declarations of the health crisis were seen as erratic.

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