Former Head of Halo Infinite Multiplayer Joins Bungie for Marathon | Xbox One

Recruiting video game notables remains a thorny issue as studios struggle to structure their teams for the long term. He is the former Halo developer who is joining Bungie this month.

From Rainbow Six Siege to Halo Infinite… to Marathon

343 Industries, the Xbox studio that oversees various projects around the Halo franchise, has faced many difficulties with its latest game, Halo Infinite. Several project heads left last year and the studio was affected by dozens of layoffs as part of a savings plan Microsoft ran at the start of the year.

In March 2022, Andrew Witts left Xbox Studio. He’s been with Epic Games for a year, and now he’s at Bungie going to lend a hand.

Andrew Witts spent 3 years at 343 Industries working on Halo Infinite as the multiplayer design lead for all modes. He was particularly responsible for ensuring that Jobs Free to play The game has a clear direction and is executed properly. After Epic Games, he’s now been working at Bungie for ten days.

You don’t have to look far to find out about the new project of Andrew Waits, of course today he is running a marathon Game Design Director.

Announced in May, the new PvP FPS from the developers of Halo and Destiny will take players to the mystical planet Tau Ceti IV where runners – working alone or in three-person teams – will fight. For their survival, for wealth and glory.. To find out everything about the story, the characters or the gameplay of Marathon, we invite you to consult our full profile.

Marathon does not currently have a release date, but the game is planned for Xbox Series X| S, PS5 and PC.

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