Foreign workers will finance the salary increase of civil servants

Increasing the salaries of civil servants. In the face of historic strikes, particularly in the areas of health and education, the British government announced an increase of up to 7%. And foreign workers are the ones who will finance it.

With our correspondent in London, Mary Boyda

Those living and working in the UK without British citizenship will see visa costs, and the cost of accessing public health services, increase. Enough to recover 1.17 billion euros, the prime minister explains.

Immigrants are not cash cows, he criticizes Praxis, an association that helps foreigners. Sally Daghlian is the chair. ” Fees in the UK are the highest in Europe. It is really amazing and unimaginable that the bills will increase for those who are already paying unfairly large sums react.

This is the only solution, according to Rishi Sunak. The head of government refuses to demand that the British put their hands in their pockets: no increase in taxes, no additional borrowing to inflate the salaries of teachers, police officers and doctors-in-training.

As the country is going through a cost of living crisis, with inflation exceeding 8% last month, this measure is ” Unethical ยป, to the union that represents the trainees. These young doctors have already announced that they do not accept the government’s proposal.

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