Foreign Affairs: Melanie Jolie’s first official trip

Melanie Jolie, the secretary of state, is scheduled to travel to Uncle Sam’s land on Friday to meet with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and discuss their shared priorities.

Secretary Jolie will travel to Washington as part of the roadmap to renewing the partnership between the United States and Canada. This is also his first official visit as foreign minister.

I look forward to meeting with Minister Blinken with the aim of strengthening economic cooperation in order to create jobs in both countries. On Thursday, she said Canada and the United States are essential partners in promoting global peace and security, democracy and human rights.

During these meetings, the Minister will stress the importance of the Canada-US partnership in terms of economic recovery and job creation on both sides of the border, and strengthening supply chains between the two countries.

Secretary Jolie will also participate in a roundtable on democracy with speakers to exchange views on how to enhance international cooperation to advance democracy and human rights at the international level.

Every day, $2.5 billion worth of goods and services pass across the border between Canada and the United States.

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