Force employees to say whether they have been vaccinated

US investment bank Goldman Sachs has asked its employees in the US whether or not they have been vaccinated against COVID in order to facilitate the organization of a return to the office, according to a note consulted by AFP Thursday.

“Registering your vaccination status allows us to plan for the safe return of all employees to the office while still adhering to local public health measures,” the post wrote.

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The phrase “it is therefore necessary” to be specified in a particular app was added before noon on Thursday.

The vaccination itself is not required by the company.

“Although we strongly encourage you to receive a vaccine against COVID-19, we understand that it is a personal choice,” it was emphasized in the memo.

According to the federal agency responsible for enforcing laws against workplace discrimination (EEOC), employers can require their employees to be vaccinated against COVID, with exceptions for medical reasons or religious objection. They can also request proof of vaccination, as long as they keep this medical information confidential.

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, companies are working on new business conditions.

In early May, Goldman Sachs called on its employees to make arrangements to be ready to return to the office from June 14 in the United States.

JP Morgan Chase has also warned its US employees that it expects them to be back in the office, at least part-time, by July at the latest.

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For its part, Facebook announced, on Wednesday, that its employees will have the opportunity to work from home in the long term. Apple, for its part, would like its employees to come back at least three days a week from the fall.

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