Forcalquier: Jolly, beautiful exhibition in a delicious space!

Lo Pichotome received the exhibition of painter and dancer Julie Dauchez-Diabaté.

Lo Pichotome, home of Manu Barthélémy Pizzeria, a renown pizza chef, has hung on the walls of his establishment African paintings by an original and talented artist. Julie Duchess Diapaty from her childhood was strongly motivated by what touches the first peoples, and her consciousness arose among the aborigines of Australia. Impressed by these tribes who had to endure the harsh law of the various conquerors, they devoted their lives and artistic fabric to the dissemination and rehabilitation of their culture.

Manu Bartelli welcomed him into his delightful space on the Rue de Verdun Forcalquier These are the Burkinabe faces that were on display. Acrylic portraits bring out all the light of these gazes and reflections of their soul as the artist puts them so well. An exhibition in which we can see the paintings again or discover them all summer in different places of the city. In addition to her talents as an illustrator, Jolie is also a dancer and has performed African dances with her group to accompany her exhibition in a beautiful way! NS Alpes de Hauts Provence In Burkina, there was a bridge that was built and nurtured by the talent of this artist.

Philip Chabot

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