For the first time in its history, a woman heads the French Navy

Admiral Lisa Francetti named Friday President of the United States Chief of Naval Operations, the highest rank in the Navy American. Once his appointment was confirmed by SenateShe is the first female admiral to lead this military force in 247 years.

As such, Lisa Franchetti will also serve as Joint Chiefs of Staff, a first since no woman has served in America’s highest military agency. The soldier was “the second woman in the United States to hold the rank of four-star admiral,” President Joe Biden said in a press release, saluting her career as she commanded a guided-missile destroyer, a squadron of destroyers and two intervention groups. Aircraft carrier.

Inconvenient Senator

However, Admiral Franchetti’s nomination must be approved by the Senate, precisely where a series of nominations of senior military and diplomatic officials have been blocked by Republican senators.

For example, the commandant of the Marine Corps and dozens of other military posts were blocked by Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville, who opposed the Pentagon’s policy of funding soldiers who must travel for abortions. “What Senator Tuberville is doing is not only wrong, it’s dangerous” and endangers national security, President Biden condemned.

Key posts in embassies have been frozen

Among the privileges of Senate American appears to be an endorsement of the recommendations decided by the President America Ministerial, military, diplomatic or judicial.

Most senior officers go through committee hearings but many of these appointments are approved en masse without a vote. However a senator may block it to advance a particular cause. American diplomacy was not spared, as another Republican senator, Rand Paul, blocked nearly sixty nominations, including 34 ambassadorial posts.

“The principal positions in Egypt, Israel, Jordan and at Lebanon There should be no ambassador-designate,” US diplomatic chief Anthony Blinken tweeted last week. At issue in this case: Senator Paul asks for documents on the origins of Covid-19.

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