For the first time in 40 years, ABBA is in the UK’s Top 10 singles

“I Still Have Faith You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down” are ranked 6th and 7th in the UK, respectively, according to estimates released on Sunday, September 6, based on first sales and streaming broadcasts. The official rankings will be released on Friday. “If the impetus continues, these tracks will be ABBA’s first UK Top 10 singles since ‘One of S’ in December 1981,” the chart said.

“I Still Have Faith You” received strong CDs and vinyl sales, while “Down Shut Me Down” was the most downloaded song in the UK so far this week, the organization said Sunday, with both titles streaming over 500,000 times to date. Two new solos were taken from ABPA’s first studio album, “Voyage”, after “The Visitors” in 1981. Its release was announced at the event on Thursday in London, and fans have been optimistic for years.

The four members of the ABBA – made up of the initials of their first names – were separated in 1982 by Annie-Fried Lingstadt, 75, Agneta Faltscock, 71, Bjrn Ulweis, 76, and Penny Anderson, 74. The 10-track album, which includes eight new songs and two new editions – “Just a Notion” and “Bumblebee” – will be released on November 5th.

The band, which is known for its masterpiece hits and costumes of the seventies, will launch a new show starting next May in a 3,000-seat theater specially designed in East London. It will unravel their tubes in an hour and a half, which will be illustrated by advanced holograms that provide teenagers. Tickets for the event go on sale on Tuesday, September 7th.

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