For students looking for a human presence, a new co-working space is opening in Toulon

We know the current plight of students, upgrade 2020-2021. Spaced courses, nearly empty campuses, and psychological difficulties: To counter the kind of stubborn blues, linked to the Covid crisis, Toulon-Var Technologies has broken its usual business.

“We are launching two separate processes for all students in order to allow them to work in groups, here at Chalucet and at the heart of TVT’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. They are immersed in brand new workplaces: a co-working space, surrounded by the ‘other’ students and entrepreneurs,” Marina Malcheva, head of the device, explains.

Days at a price of 1 euro

From now on, TVT’s co-working day costs just € 1 (compared to typically 10). To register, all you have to do is email your student card to [email protected] to take advantage of this promo code. The second process is called “Pending Collaboration.” TVT Innovation offers, every month, five days of co-working for students The number of joint working days offered can be followed on the TVT Innovation social networks. She adds.

“Removing the students’ current isolation was one of our priorities: giving them a conducive human environment to flourish … and to pass their exams because this is the period. ”, Comments by Magali Turbatte, city councilor responsible for innovation and economic attractiveness.

On the eighth floor of the Beaux-Arts Building in the Chalucet – the Creativity and Knowledge Zone – this new co-working space transforms into an anthill every day.

Site specialists

There are hardworking students and young entrepreneurs who are eager to find new talent. Layers of professionals support, and the kitchen, sofas, and large spaces of the site promote group activity.

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“During the week, many company representatives come to meet students to gather their knowledge. These entrepreneurs can work in sectors as diverse as auto-asset sharing, AR research or improving corporate procurement …Marina points out.

Presented in school and further in working life. Holidays or not, TVTV The people of Toulon are preparing for the big leap despite the ongoing health crisis …

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