For Netflix, liking a movie isn’t enough, it lets you like it

To improve its recommendations without disrupting viewer readability and comprehension, Netflix is ​​adding a new content grading metric: a double thumb. Two thumbs up and that means you liked it. It is enough to enrich the platform’s algorithm with greater accuracy to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Netflix adds a “double thumb” to say you like the content // Source: Netflix screenshot

“I really liked this movie …” “Ohlala, but I absolutely loved it, you mean! » Who has never had this exchange about the latest content watched on Netflix or elsewhere, with a loved one or in a coffee machine? More than just an escalation of appreciation, this says a lot about the difference in each other’s perception and the degree of interest expressed. Except for that on Netflix, if you were asked for your opinion, everyone liked the same method and trained behind an identical algorithm while the tastes were fundamentally different.

This will soon become a thing of the past. Starting Monday, the video streaming service is publishing a new function to improve your perception of a movie or series by offering a new level of satisfaction. This means that you will not have a choice between I love this title And not for me, friendly version of I didn’t like it at all (Let’s be honest, not many people will put that into the mind to help the algorithm sort your tastes first.) There is a third point that enhances your taste in cinematic matters.

I love, it’s better than I love!

A double thumb will now appear on all Netflix cards, both online and in apps, to signify “ I love this title! “. This small addition may seem trivial, but it can have huge consequences in the content recommendations that are presented to you afterwards. In order of preferences, if you put “ I like To two Quentin Tarantino films and Three Loved As for Martin Scorsese films, Tarantino’s next movie, or series and productions in the same vein, will likely intrude more easily and automatically in your recommendations than Scorsese’s next movie or romantic comedy.

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For Netflix, liking a movie isn't enough, it lets you like it
The algorithm will take this new preference criterion into account in its recommendations // Source: Netflix screenshot

Because this is the purpose of the maneuver: better refine your information, your tastes and customize your profile as much as possible to meet your expectations in terms of movies and series that you can watch from a very large catalog that is enriched every month. Netflix has doubled down on tools in recent months to help you refine your choices, like consulting the Top 10 by country, getting behind the scenes access to star content with Tudum, or even launching a title, the functionality that randomizes your programming.

This new evaluation pattern will make it possible to better identify similarities. “But we’ve learned over time that we can distinguish between tastes Furthermore Netflix explains.“Giving you the opportunity to tell us that you like the title will allow us to make recommendations closer to your tastes.”

The “I like “However, it is not a substitute for” Loved “It should not be taken this wayAndAt the risk of annoying the algorithm that it will no longer know what to really push you into as key recommendations. Hence it would be back to square one rather than a step forward to avoid content that doesn’t quite match your tastes.

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