For EA, guilds and the regulation of loot boxes pose risks to their business | Xbox One

in his last life Annual ReportEA Games unveils major changes to its vision and risk management. The video game company has chosen to refocus on new challenges, leaving behind some of the problems that have characterized its past.

EA assesses the economic and social context of its sector

One notable decision has to do with the removal of loot boxes, a controversial game mechanic that has been removed from many EA titles. This initiative comes on the heels of recent court rulings that upheld the legality of these practices, thus removing legal risks for the company.

However, EA doesn’t just react to past controversies. The company is actively preparing for new challenges, anticipating social and technological developments. Hence, she is aware of the rise of trade union movements in certain sectors of the American economy and acknowledges that this could have a negative impact on his work.

Separately, the company also plans to further integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its games and development processes. However, recognizing the importance of regulating this emerging technology, EA recognizes the risks of having to deal with new regulations or a more stringent interpretation of existing ones. This approach demonstrates a desire for transparency and a commitment to protecting players and AI users.

Finally, EA is also concerned with environmental and climate issues. As more and more regions are affected by natural disasters, EA has adapted its communications to be more specific in its annual reports. This action is intended to take into account the increased risks associated with wildfires and tornadoes in some of its locations, such as California and Florida.

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