football. Why the France-England match in Caen deserves a turn

The French have their base camp in Deauville and train in Tok, like Malherby Stadium at a training session last summer.

We won’t lie, jackpot, it was Le Havre who pulled it off by welcoming American world champions during this international hiatus. But never again Ornano Stadium It was not a scene for such a beautiful poster, among the elderly, like France – England That awaits him on Friday, April 9, 2021 (9:10 pm at W9).

High level poster

In Caen, in a stadium still empty, the French women’s team will welcome the semifinals of the last World Cup, a team that qualified for the Tokyo Olympics and have been among the best countries in the world for years. When France, whose dreams are to win the world title one day, confronts equally ambitious England, shock cannot be a simple friendly match.

There’s not necessarily a bet, but the big teams are very competitive, so it’s never a friendly match.

Marion TorrentCaptain of the France women’s national team
Marion Torrent (seated) will inherit the captain's armband against England.
Marion Torrent (seated) will inherit the captain’s armband against England. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

Corinne Deacon thinks nothing less, and countless absences change nothing. “These two matches (against England and the United States, editor’s note) will allow us to measure ourselves. We are the French and there is nothing above the French national team and there are no friendly matches with the French national team.”

A team must prove itself

No Wendy Renard, Amel Majri, Amandine Henry, Delphine Cascarino, or Sakina Karchaoui: The Covid-19 virus has decimated the Leon family. Only one of them is able to play in the person of Eugénie Le Sommer. Therefore, it is fairly clear that they are a somewhat renewed French side that will perform at Ornano Stadium, even if some well-known names are to be expected. Pauline Pierrud Magnin is confirmed in goal, Parisians Marie Antoinette Katuto, Cadidiato Diani, Grace Gioro or Vivien Asi from Munich are all confirmed elements in blue. Others have the opportunity to direct their noses and learn.

France is a one-time choice and we will not be looking for an excuse.

Corinne DeaconThe selection of the French women’s team
Corinne Deacon is deprived of many cluster-affected executives in Lyon.
Corinne Deacon is deprived of many cluster-affected executives in Lyon. (© AC / Sport in Caen)

There is no doubt, then, in playing Little Arm by summoning youth. “We have a very young group but they have a lot of experience with the national youth teams. They know the very high standard, which allows us to save time. The French team is the most beautiful thing, when there are places that are very expensive.” Substitutes, you know something about …

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