football. After their match against England, Hungary was again subjected to ‘racist abuse’

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“It is totally unacceptable that English players were subjected to racist insults in Hungary last night,” the head of government confirmed on Twitter, then demanded that FIFA “take strict action against officials to ensure that this kind of shameful behavior can be eradicated for them.” Hassan. “

The Football Association asks FIFA to conduct a new investigation

British media such as the BBC and Sky News reported racist chants targeting Judd Bellingham and Raheem Sterling in the “Three Lions” victory. “I didn’t hear that” (the racist chants), England captain Harry Kane said on ITV immediately after the match ended. “I’ll talk to the guys and see if they’ve heard anything,” he added.

Immediately after the meeting, the FA posted on Twitter a short statement confirming that it “supports its players” while FIFA called for “new investigations to be carried out”.

Even before the meeting began, the English players were alerted by the 60,000 fans present in Budapest because they had put their knees to the ground to denounce racism.

History in Bulgaria and England

In 2019, England’s Euro 2020 qualifying match against Bulgaria was marked by outbursts of racism, sparking outrage in the UK and in European football bodies.

Recently, in England, Boris Johnson announced his intention to ban fans who used racist slurs online against players, including Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho, from the stadium after losing the Euro 2020 final to Italy.

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