Following the tragedy on the channel, France and the United Kingdom want to monitor the area further.

The deaths of at least twenty-seven people trying to get to the UK caused a strong reaction on both sides of the channel. It reaffirms the serious urgency of the matter for immigrants arriving in Kalais to return to the United Kingdom. On the evening of the tragedy, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson spoke on the phone. The two leaders agreed to “intensify their efforts” in the fight against illegal crossings.

Mr. Macron, Mr. Ellis told Johnson on Thursday that he “expected the British to fully cooperate and avoid using the dramatic situation for political purposes.” “The President stressed the need to act with dignity, respect and a sense of effective cooperation when it comes to human lives,” the French President said, adding that “the French and British Home Ministers are speaking to each other.[aie]About that on Thursday ”. Shortly before, Mr. Macron promised that “France will not allow it.”[it] The channel did not turn into a graveyard, calling for an emergency meeting of European ministers. Reports Agencies France Press.

Boris Johnson submitted the idea of ​​a joint surveillance patrol on the French side. ” British Immigration Secretary Kevin Foster has stressed that London is ready to provide additional “avenues” to France beyond financial assistance such as the helicopter used on Wednesday as part of the rescue operation. Adds sending.
Two Home Ministers, Britney Patel and Gerald Dormann, are scheduled to discuss the matter further. So far France has opposed British patrol policy on its soil.

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