Fog delays US Open

(San Diego) It took 13 years to return to the US Open Tore Pines course. When the day came, on Thursday, the wait was extended to 90 minutes.

Early round delay “June Twilight” (June darkness).

This weather phenomenon is the result of the formation of low-level layer clouds above the cold water of the California Current. These clouds spread overnight along the coast of California, and they are often accompanied by fog and drizzle, but rarely rain.

Due to this long delay, it has now been confirmed that the first round of the tournament will not be completed before Friday morning.

For the rest, the weather forecast suggests dry weather and ideal conditions for the weekend, although foggy summer approaches on the Pacific coast are often a cause for concern.

Bill Mickelson and Brooks Koypka are part of a group of golfers who started the morning.

Four Canadians are participating in the tournament: Corey Connors, Adam Hodwin, McKenzie Hughes and Taylor Pendrit.

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