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TheThe Irish U2 group actually stopped off at Barrymore Hall in Ottawa in 1981 before England’s Wembley Stadium filled up ten times later a few years later.

In the summer of 2004, Kevin Owens and Sammy Zane faced each other twice within a few weeks at a former community center on Berry Street in Hull. On Sunday, Quebec’s wrestlers will exchange blows and insults at Wrestlemania, WWE’s big annual meeting.

They will be over 25,000 fans either applauding or booing them, to taste, at Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Pirates.

At the end of the phone, Joël Racine admits, “I can’t help but feel a little proud in knowing that CPW has been part of these two world stars’ journey.”

Franco-Ontario from St. Albert knows the two men. He wrote the script for their two outings in Outaouais at the time of Canadian Professional Wrestling (CPW), nearly 17 years ago.

Racine was a director and “writer” for this indie wrestling company owned by Daniel Gervais, of Vanier, nicknamed “Wild Dangerous Dan”. Legendary Gino Brito has also worked with the duo as a promoter.

Owens and the Swordsmen specially expressed it during the “Wrestlefest” on August 14, 2004. “We could accommodate 350 people in this small room. It was full. It was full. Everyone was standing on their feet,” Racine recalls.

The latter still has a video of the fight between the two future WWE Superstars. “This was the first time we recorded one of our concerts on DVD. Before, it was on VHS tape,” he says, laughing.

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At the time, Owens was fighting with his real name Kevin Steen.

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