Flybe not over it for the second time

Flybe has just officially ended operations

Flybe or not flybe? This is no longer the question since this British company ceased to be active. Before the coronavirus crisis, Flybe was the UK’s largest regional airline. Even the main carrier was the carrier Birmingham, Belfast City Airport, Exeter where Southampton.

During its glory years, Flybe operated itineraries to around 30 British cities. Then it carried up to 9.5 million passengers in 2018. In France, the company operated flights to nearly twenty citiesespecially Avignon, Bordeaux, Rennes, Nantes, Toulouse or even La Rochelle.

Covid had given the carrier first pause. At the start of 2020, Flybe was placed into receivership. The British company had refused to grant it a loan of 100 million pounds sterling to continue its activity. Then, it took a year for a new shareholder, linked to US investment fund Cyrus Capital, to restart Flybe 2.0.

A key player in regional transportation

The restructured company has offered 21 routes from Belfast, Birmingham and London Heathrow in the UK, to Amsterdam and Geneva..

About 2,500 passengers are scheduled to travel with the company on Saturday. According to figures released by the UK Civil Aviation Authority, About 75,000 passengers have had their flights cancelled.

And so it was published by the Civil Aviation Authority on his website List of other airlines offering special fares to Flybe customers. Prices shown are between £29 and £50 depending on the airline, excluding tax. while the LNER railway company allowed Flybe passengers to use its trains for free.

“It’s always sad to see an airline enter receivership. We know Flybe’s decision to cease operations will be traumatic for all of its employees and customers,” said Paul Smith, CAA’s consumer director.

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