Flotsam: Adrift in Space – Flotsam – Living a Life in Space

Since it’s not just life’s big role-playing games, I’m sharing the news of some games that seem to stand out in terms of indie games, and here’s a first!

I talked about SIG, a few weeks ago, and relied on other titles I’ve posted booze A little curiosity.

Shipwreck : Adrift in Space is a narrative role-playing game for 3 to 5 players where players embody the central characters of life in space: “Mr. Everybody”. No adventurous superheroes, no great quest to save the universe…no! We are here in the population who spirits It brings life to lost stations in space, like the hundreds in “The Expanse” or the civilians in “Battlestar Galactica” who bear the brunt of leaders’ decisions.

The game focuses entirely on the relationships between the characters, their daily lives, and their struggles in a society deprived of what others consider to be the basic foundations of civilization.

This game comes from the “External Affiliation” family and is a game without a system GM And without the randomness that highlights the conflicts and connections that can be between different personalities. It creates a rich environment and sometimes tense relationships. It is a system that is gradually expanding and has few titles in English. This is a translation of the book “Flotsam: Lost Among the Stars”, designed by Joshua Fox.

In Flotsam, players usually embody a character, but they also have to deal with a range of problems and threats (called contexts) that bring players closer to the role of a GM. Each has its strengths and weaknesses and the game highlights their relationship with each other.

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According to the various papers I’ve read left to right on the system, Flotsam seems to be an excellent introduction to this approach to role-playing that comes from the traditional “Great GM”. The game specifically guides the players in the decision-making process to launch a scene that they will all play. In addition, the game includes an educational guide that allows the player to play the role of the facilitator and read written paragraphs explaining the rules to other players.

Illuinternal Anna Landin
Claudia Cangini Illuinter

The game world, if it is science fiction directed, has a part of fantasy with spirits, psychic powers, additional terrestrial beings or AI who are all part of this universe.

exist :

  • 9 personal brochures
  • 8 background books
  • 7 Quick Start scenarios (including scenarios exclusive to the French version)

I’ll try to see soon if I find some guys willing to try this system out in one shot, or if the beginnings are available somewhere. It really captivates me.

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