Florida | The Republicans’ attack against Disney escalated

(Miami) Florida Republicans on Monday intensified their efforts to regain control of a district once run by Disney, in the latest episode in a showdown between the entertainment giant and the governor of this conservative state.

These local legislators introduced a bill to rename the Disney World theme park area and ensure that its future board of directors would be selected by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis.

These actions follow the recent reversal of the special status granted to Disney at the time of the creation of the Disney World amusement park in the 1960s. It afforded it significant autonomy for local administration and exemption from most state regulations.

The text was debated this week in the Florida House of Representatives with a Republican majority before being sent to the state’s Senate.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who may declare himself a candidate for the White House, signed a law in April 2022, which is supposed to go into effect in June 2023, to remove this status.

PHOTO LYNNE SLADKY, linked press archives

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Relations between DeSantis and Disney soured when Bob Chapek, former CEO of Disney, spoke out against a law promoted by the governor banning the teaching of subjects related to Florida’s sexual orientation or gender identity in elementary school.

The Disney theme park near Orlando is among the most visited parks in the world and remains a favorite Disney brand among Americans. Disney is also the largest employer in Florida.

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