Flash floods to cover UK this weekend

Millions of Britons are facing flash floods this weekend – four inches of rain in some areas.

Yellow and thunderstorm warnings will be in effect in North and North Wales from today until tomorrow afternoon.

Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two placesCredit: Getty
It could rain up to four inches this weekendCredit: Alami

But the meteorological center says heavy rains could affect almost anywhere – an inch of rain per hour is possible.

Spokesman Graham Madge said: “You can expect heavy rain everywhere.

“We know the trail of where we think it will rain the most, but it’s like a boiling pot.

“You’ll get bubbles – it’s impossible to try to figure out where the next bubble will be.”

The Center for Meteorology predicts that unseasonable weather will continue next week.

The yellow alert for thunderstorms has been extended to Saturday, with the meteorological center urging Britain to stay safe.

August August?

As of today, winds are expected to reach 60 mph and in some areas it will rain for more than a month.

From Friday, yellow thunderstorms will extend from 10 a.m. in most parts of northern England and Scotland, with up to 100 mm of rain in some areas.

It will be until 9 a.m. Saturday – and the Meteorological Center warns that the combination of flood and lightning strikes could pose a risk to drivers, homes and businesses.

Wednesday will struggle to climb above 19C or 20C on Saturdays and Sundays.

This was followed by record rainfall in some parts of Western Europe, with at least 120 people killed in floods last month.

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Rivers overflowed in Germany and Belgium, destroying entire cities and villages.

Experts say the warmer temperatures due to climate change mean more intense rainfall.

The bookies have now reduced their odds to 2021, with high humidity reported in the UK on August 6-4.

John Hill of Coral said: “We have had some difficult days and there will be more humidity in August due to heavy rains in many parts of the UK.

“It has been a wet summer so far and if things continue it will always be a wet one,” Hill added.

But a heat wave is expected to raise temperatures in the second half of August, with the sun set to begin next week.

The Meteorological Center has issued a yellow weather warning
The Meteorological Center has issued a yellow weather warningCredit: Alami
The bookies reduced the odds in 2021 by having more humidity in the UK in August
The bookies reduced the odds in 2021 by having more humidity in the UK in AugustCredit: Alami

UK Weather Friday, August 6

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