Fitness welcomes a new dog to the White House

A few months after their dog Champ died, the Fidenites welcomed a new puppy to the White House. The German Shepherd is called “Commander”.

Welcome distraction to the president in the midst of a political recession. Joe Biden unveiled the White House’s new four-legged White House on Twitter on Monday, calling the puppy “Commander.”

“Welcome to the White House, Commander,” read the headline of the snapshot posted on the President’s official Twitter account.

The photo shows a young dog, who looks like a German Shepherd, running with a bullet in his mouth. A video from the same account shows a “new kid on the block in the Biden family”.

We see the dog advancing towards the President – and that too as the “Commander-in-Chief”, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces – greets him with “Hey, Comrade”. Joe Biden is pictured with his wife Jill throwing the ball with the puppy or entering the White House.

Puppy before cat?

The US president suffers from a very low confidence rating and faces both political sanctions and the renaissance of the Govt-19. His services did not immediately provide details of this new comrade, especially his visit to the country where pets are loved and cherished will certainly evoke a strong interest.

Joe and Jill Biden enter the White House with two dogs and two German Shepherds. Last June, it was announced on Twitter that senior champ at the age of 13 had died.

The other dog, the Major, was the first presidential animal to pass through the shelter. The Major, who had bitten two White House staffers a few weeks apart, was sent near the Biden family home to Delaware to take a dressage lesson among other places. There was talk in the spring that a cat would join the presidential couple at the White House, but the plan has not yet been fulfilled.

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