Fit park area and Gué-aux-Loups pool track opened in Le Cambout – Le Cambout

The municipality of Le Cambout opened the Fit (Outdoor Fitness) park space and Gué-aux-Loups pool track on Saturday 23 July. Seven gym equipment was installed, the exercises of which are easy, fast and fun, and a natural path was followed throughout the pond.

Acknowledgments and Animations

Mayor Jean-Noel Lagou gave a speech and thanked the county councilors Beatrice Boulanger and Romain Butron who awarded a grant for this project, Colas de Loudéac representative Mikaël Frostin who made the way, TPE du Cambout track, Fabrice Cheryl, and Miko Eric Manchik de Courey sports equipment company. The city councilman then took the opportunity to thank Representative Mark LeFure, who – in his capacity as regional advisor – provided one grant from the Committee on Programming (CUP) for the period 2021-2027, to develop green spaces in the city. The opening ended with a wine reception given by the mayor. À Pied et à Vélo and Club de la gaîté hosted the rest of the event, serving grilled food and drinks, and pipers from Cambout playing the traditional Breton tune.

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