Fishing: Paris’s loose weight, London welcomes de-escalation

>>Brexit: France will not bargain, says foreign trade minister
>>Brexit: a show of force by French fishermen in front of Jersey

President Emmanuel Macron (left) is greeted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson upon his arrival at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland on 1He is November.


“We will not impose sanctions during the negotiation”, The French President stated to the press, on the sidelines of the COP26 conference in Glasgow (UK). The discussion will continue tomorrow. Tuesday 2 November. The next few hours are important hours.Emmanuel Macron assured.

The Elysee later specified, in a press release, that France would not apply the penalty at least until Thursday, November 4, which is the scheduled date for a meeting in Paris between the British foreign minister responsible for Brexit, David Frost, and the French foreign minister. Head of State for European Affairs Clement Bonn who invited him.

“We have received the first signals from the British authorities to speed up trade. A response to the latest proposals from the French authorities is expected by Wednesday 3 November.‘ stressed the French presidency.

The British government is on its side.”salute‘Postponement of penalties,’ saying “To congratulate France on realizing that in-depth discussions are necessary to resolve all difficulties in the UK-EU relationship.”

and David Frost”Looking forward to the discussions in Paris on Thursday 4 November,” Downing Street added, to sign a de-escalation of the situation.

The French president said to do ‘Trust British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take it seriously’ French proposals and even discussions lead to “Results“.

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“The results have been very slow for 10 months, if this new method allows to get a result, I hope to give it a chance”, he added.

Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson exchanged long minutes of smiling in front of the cameras when Emmanuel Macron arrived at COP26 on Monday.

Previously, Paris loomed again Monday morning 1He is November Penalties apply from midnight if London does not grant more licenses to French fishermen.

The French threaten to prevent British fishing vessels from offloading their cargo in French ports and to tighten customs controls on all trucks if London does not grant more licenses to French fishermen.

Discussions Thursday 4 November

Map of the UK’s exclusive economic zones, Jersey, Guernsey and neighboring countries, and hunting grounds across the UK.


British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss had no solution “Within 48 hours”, the UK government will rely on the dispute settlement mechanism under the post-Brexit trade deal to seek Compensatory measures.

London has warned that it is also preparing to strengthen oversight of European fishing boats.

That’s what worries the fishermen, said Monday 1He is NOVEMBER, Olivier Lepreter, President of the Regional Committee for Marine Fisheries and Mariculture of Hauts-de-France (North), deplores “The unacceptable position of the English and their failure to honor the signed agreements.”

Revenge is okay, it’s the only solution.” bone ‘Boris Johnson won’t stop there’ And “At the slightest problem we will face hijacked boats”, Contrition.

“Stop the bullshit”

Under the Brexit deal, European fishermen can continue to work in some UK waters provided they can prove they have fished there before. But the French and the British argue about the nature and extent of the supporting documents to be submitted.

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In the spat between the two countries, Ian Gorst, Minister of Foreign Relations for Jersey Island Channel, called on Sky News to “Stop all this nonsense and take care of the technical problems.” Allow the issuance of fishing licenses.

Even before the ultimatum expired, last week the French authorities diverted a British fishing vessel to Le Havre (Northwest) suspected of having managed to catch more than two tons of scallops without a license. He was still in the dock on Monday 1He is November.

Contacted by AFP in the UK, Andrew Brown, a spokesman for MacDuff Shellfish based in Mintlaw, northern Scotland, said a hearing was scheduled for Tuesday 2 or Wednesday 3 November.”When the terms and conditions surrounding the release of the vessel are determined.”, pending the captain’s trial scheduled for August.

This file exacerbates relations between Paris and London, already damaged by the torpedoing of a French-Australian submarine contract in favor of the Aukus Defense Agreement between Great Britain, the United States and Australia.

Another topic of post-Brexit tensions also remains between the EU and the UK over Northern Ireland. London calls for renegotiation of customs procedures for the British boycott.

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