Fishing: London only understands the “language of force”, and regrets Paris

Paris | Boris Johnson’s government understands only the “language of force”, the French Minister of State for European Affairs, Thursday, expressed regret after Paris announced retaliatory measures against London in the fishing conflict.

“Now we must speak the language of force because I am afraid this British government will unfortunately only understand that,” Clément Beaune told CNEWS.

I have the impression that they understood that they should return to the discussion table. But if they don’t, we will continue.”

“It doesn’t make me happy and not very smart, but with a partner who only understands the language of strength, you have to speak it,” he said.

France announced on Wednesday that its first retaliatory measures against the Channel Islands and the United Kingdom will take effect from 2 November if by then French fishermen do not have more licenses to fish in their waters.

British fishing vessels in particular will be prevented from unloading their cargo in French ports and inspections of trucks to and from the UK will be tightened.

“These are inconveniences, they are slowdowns,” the foreign minister admitted, wondering what might sound like an impassioned strike by French customs officers.

“We cannot be in a climate of trust with a neighbor, a partner who does not respect the rules,” he stressed.

France is also considering a second series of measures, aimed in particular at supplying electricity to the Channel Islands, if it does not work out on this first train.

“We can review a certain number of cooperation, for example increasing the electricity tariff,” Clement Bonn noted.

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