Fishing and Adventure: Alumacraft boats are available in Quebec

The Alumacraft series of boats has been manufactured in the USA since 1946 and is now available in Quebec, more precisely at Dion Sports, in Saint-Raymond.

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“We are very pleased to be able to offer this new line of boats for hobbyists here. This aluminum boat manufacturer was founded over 75 years ago in Minneapolis, United States,” explains Carl Dussault, Marine Division Director for Deon Sports.

In 2018, BRP acquired it. Alumacraft is a division of fishing boats and multi-purpose boats.

“In the deal, BRP also bought its floating manufacturing division, the Manitou company, which is well-known in this field. So it is only natural that we include these products with us because we are a BRP agent and proud to have been for a long time.”

If, elsewhere, that name doesn’t mean much to Quebec fans, that’s another story.

“This brand is very popular in the English language in Canada and especially in the US. It is a great product. It represents the best value for money to own a good boat with a strong hull. We can start with a 2XB hull, a double shell painted hull. It is made of a single sheet of Aluminum is double-lined for all of their boats. This means twice the resistance and protection,” Mr. Dosso continues.

dry feet

The construction of the boat ensures that the water gets out and thus, we can stay dry throughout the trip.

“This quiet hull will keep us dry in all the conditions we might encounter when sailing. These boats are fast and always respond very well when the wave opens up, so we don’t get wet.”

Going further to explain the ejection of water, Philippe Etienne Legari, who is responsible for the customer experience in boats, specifies that “there are deflection ribs on each side which force the evacuation of water downwards. The aerodynamic design of the hull also makes the boat more stable and more maneuverable.”

The competitor is 1652

Image courtesy of Deon Sports

accessories and the future

Anglers like to have lots of equipment and systems to support them in their hunting practice.

The boats are equipped with a complete anchoring system, whether for rail mounts, sonar or down positioners And more, which is called the Allumatrach. Everything is built into the boat’s hull. “I’ve never seen this kind of system on another boat before,” says Carl Dussault.

Currently, there are boats available for the current season. It is equipped with Mercury engines.

What excites Carl Dusseau most is what the future holds for them with Alumacraft and Manitou. In its plans, BRP has decided to close the plant a bit to modernize it […]. And so, for the year 2024, [les bateaux] Trophy and the Competitor will be equipped with new Rotax engine technology. »

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BRP has also developed new outboard motor technology.

“It’s completely submerged in water,” Mr. Dosso continues, “it’s revolutionary.” This newness allows for much more space and even adding a platform over the engine adds 25 cubic feet of space for swimming or fishing. Available next year, these 115-horsepower or 150-horsepower engines will ensure the performance and smoothness of power steering and throttle control. It is the return of BRP in outboard motor production, for all types of boats in the Alumacraft range. This principle of mechanization is already present in Manitou pontoons. »

The first fishing boats with this engine will be available in the spring of 2024. “I know it’s early, but I want fishing enthusiasts to know that it’s coming. I’m ready to meet people and explain this revolutionary technology to them, ”says the director.

In the meantime, you can discover the very special design of these boats with the few models available in the store.

You will find that these kayaks and rowing boats are durable and affordable. There are craft that drive directly to the engine and others that have central consoles.

In conclusion, Carl Dussault sent this message to hobbyists: “We wish them an excellent fishing season and, who knows, maybe with an Alumacraft boat!”

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