Fish that fell from the sky in Texas

It wasn’t the sky that fell on the heads of the residents of Texarkana, Texas this week, but fish during an unusual weather event.

“2021 brings out all sorts of things… including fish rain in Texarkana [mercredi]. “No, it’s not a joke,” the city wrote on its Facebook account with the photos in support.

According to the explanation given by the municipality, “animal rain” is a phenomenon that can occur when small aquatic animals, such as frogs or fish, are swept away by rain or air currents.

An article from the Library of Congress also confirmed this theory. “A tornado could descend toward the surface of the water, sucking things and small animals into the vortex and causing rain elsewhere,” he argues.

This phenomenon has been observed everywhere on the planet for centuries, without being thoroughly documented.

A Texarkana resident told CNN he found the event “quite cool,” when he was on his way to collect small, fallen fish to make fishing bait.

Several residents also shared in the city post the findings they found from their gardens after the rain.

California had already experienced this phenomenon in 2017, when a hundred fish were found falling from the sky at the site of an elementary school in Oroville, according to CNN.

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