Fise Xperience Canet-en-Roussillon: Riders wow onlookers

The show, the sun, and the audience were in for this competition and they put freestyle swimming at the top of the bill.

Drawn by the summer weather and the ongoing program of BMX and Roller Freestyle Park competitions, a large number of spectators came to cheer the hundreds of French and international racers present at this tenth edition of Fise Xperience Canet-en-Roussillon. Having become a staple of France’s urban sports calendar, the event once again kept its promise to bring together participants in the children’s, juniors, amateur and professional categories to showcase their performances in front of a passionate audience. Flat BMX shows, performed by one of the icons of this discipline Alex Jomlin and his sons Nathan and Gaben, ensured that invitations were sparked among the younger ones. Argentina, Colombia, Hungary, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Spain …, many countries represented on the gigantic cliffs of a free park assembled on the stage of the sea. In the face of this global richness, the highest levels of France were brought together in order to share their best personalities with the public, competing in capacity and technique. Local practitioners, particularly from Occitanie, also grabbed some places on the podium. Among them are Anthony Gangin and Estefan Kaye, both of whom recently returned from Tokyo, where they represented France with dignity during the BMX Freestyle Park’s debut at the Olympics.

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