First photos of Toyota Tundra 2022

While Ford prepares to unveil its new car F-150 Electric LightningToyota decided to let the first images of its new generation full-size pickup truck be filtered Toyota Tundra 2022. The Toyota Tundra has been marketed since 2020, but has never managed to win before the American trio, despite massive financial and marketing efforts on Toyota’s part. Will the upcoming 2022 Tundra be able to achieve this?

At the moment, we are entitled to this photo and this video, and Toyota has not released any other details about the car. This is the full content of the press release:

The future of Toyota trucks is full of promises, the next generation of the all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra will have the ball rolling … Follow the latest developments here. Tundra

The picture was only accompanied by the phrase “A new Toyota Tundra is coming!” ┬╗But is it in two weeks, a month, six months? Impossible to know at the moment. Stay tuned as they say.

One thing is for sure, the photo clearly shows a radical design change in the front of the Toyota Tundra 2022, especially around the headlights. Note the L-shaped and LED accents at the bottom and center of the grille.

Under the hood, Toyota may decide to introduce a hybrid engine. It would be a good step forward, but with the manufacturer falling behind in introducing an all-electric vehicle, it would be surprising to see the Tundra EV’s debut, already putting it behind the competition.

However, many enthusiasts defend the Toyota Tundra, in particular because of its reliability. We all look forward to learning more about this new generation.

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