First carbon dioxide-free transatlantic flight by Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic’s Airbus A330neo will enter service in summer 2022 (Photo: Virgin Atlantic)

Virgin Atlantic, is set to join Skyteam in early 2023has been selected by the UK government to receive funding for a “net zero emissions” flight. An experiment that will show how SAF can replace conventional kerosene. and transforming air transport sustainably.

Virgin Atlantic It operates with a consortium that includes Rolls-Royce, Boeing, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Imperial College London, University of Sheffield, RMI and ICF. by completely replacing kerosene, SAF can reduce life cycle carbon emissions by more than 70%compared to conventional fossil fuels.

a trip Virgin Atlantic is expected to be operated by SAF which is made primarily from waste oils and greasesLike cooking oil. The use of 100% SAF on board the flight, plus the removal of carbon through biochar credits – a material that captures and stores carbon taken from the atmosphere – will make the flight completely neutral.

A decarbonized future by 2050

Commenting on this initiative, UK Transport Secretary Mark Harper, announced. »for decades, The London-New York flight symbolizes the power of aviation to connect people To promote progress in the world. You will now be at the forefront of reducing carbon emissions. Not only will this journey pave the way for future generations, but it will show how much we can achieve when we work together towards a common goal – bringing together some of the best companies and academics in the world. With British Airways at the helm. »

About Shah Weiss, CEO, Virgin Atlantic :” As an airline founded on innovation and committed to this path, we are proud to lead Etihad. He made aviation history by running First transatlantic flight 100% SADF. This challenge recognizes the essential role the SAF must play in decarbonising aviation, nOur collective ambition is the goal of “net zero emissions” by 2050. »

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The trip was planned during the year 2023 But There is no set date yet.

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