Firaxis introduces Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay

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In an interview with Malaysian website GamerBraves, Creative Director of Midnight from Marvel Jake Solomon gave some details about life time from This strange combination of deck building and tactical. Apparently, there will be a lot more to do, as the Firaxis (Civilization, XCOM) framework indicates that it will take Between 40 and 60 hours to complete the campaign.

This particular estimate is given in parallel with the fact that there will be no There is no comprehensive time limit, the primitive mechanisms of XCOM that forced players to take on risky missions, then pressed time.

Likewise, characters who make up the group (as well as the character created by the player) will not be able to license Marvel characters from permanently die, thats good injuries That will limit their potential in future battles will remain in effect.

finally, midnight suns In the end, it has nothing to do with it XCOM. If the trailer for Gamescom 2021 piqued the interest of fans From Tactical RPG Based on Marvel License, they were confused when they saw How to play from the title. Presented yesterday by Firaxis through stream display A good overview of the content to be presented.

Although playing the Midnight Suns turnIt’s no longer about blankets or touch opportunities, it’s about freedom of movement and active abilities embody it cards From a pre-made set, unique to each hero like codeAnd Dr. GharibAnd WolverineAnd Ghost riderAnd Iron Man And the hunterCentral character, abilities and playing style Fully customizable. Promise, there will be No microtransactions linked to the card system.

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While some players are a little afraid to run a big budget version spire slaughter, Fireaxis points out GPS remains a primitive mechanism for midnight sun, with the possibility of extensive use decorative elements To tilt the outcome of the fight in his favor. Moreover, the latter shatters easily to show it all The power of confrontation.

Between missions, players will be able to explore their headquarters, monastery, in order to discuss with other members of the group and Advance storytelling. Firaxis says that Marvel’s strength lies in the heroism of its characters, but also in the The relationships they maintain with each other. Midnight Suns should happily take advantage of this aspect of the license.

Specifically, Solomon points out in the interview shared above that this approach will make it possible to maintain Variety from one task to another, where a specific hero will be needed before each departure. So it shouldn’t be possible to advance By leaving the character voluntarily.

Firaxis seems quite sure of The format he would like to submit, but there is still some time left before the scheduled release of March 2022 on the computerAnd Xbox and PlayStation, even wall switch.

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