Finch | Because of cravings… ★★ ½

In the post-apocalyptic world where he survived, an engineer designs a robot whose main job is to take care of his dog, in case he can no longer do it on his own.

Marc André Loser

Marc André Loser

Just watch some Hollywood movies in your life to instantly guess where pulsate heading. This ambitious production, due out in theaters last year (universal studio sold the rights to Apple TV+ during the pandemic), is really modeled after everyone featuring a dog, robot, or… Tom Hanks.

It is clearly intended more for a family audience, pulsate, whose title evokes the first name of the only human protagonist in this story, and is based on all the dramatic springs expected to attempt to draw the viewer’s tears, willingly or by force. At this level, the musical framework (signed by Gustavo Santaulala) is unbearably compelling. Directed by Miguel Saposhnik, who has made his mark mostly on TV (game of Thrones) since the release of the movie repo men in 2010, including Robert Zemeckis (forsakenAmong the executive producers’ team, this fantasy drama drips everywhere.

However, a dog named Goodyear is adorable. Tom Hanks is clearly likable. Even the veteran managed to do well in a story in which the telegraph takes place with minimal development. And the robot, who calls himself Jeff, is lucky enough to take advantage of the talent of Caleb Landry Jones. This year’s Young Actor won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes Film Festival for his performance in nitram (Justin Kurzel), he knew how to give a creature real personality, without forcing the line too much. Thus, the two actors raise the quality of the film, which otherwise would not have reached the mark of success.

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Drama de science fiction


Miguel Saposhnik

With Tom Hanks, Caleb Landry Jones, Laura Martinez Cunningham

1 hour 55


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