Financial fair play reform: Al-Khelaifi and PSG rub their hands

Nasser Al-Khelaifi announced that financial fair play will be significantly reformed.

The European Club Association (ECA) holds its General Assembly from Monday to Tuesday.

After the crisis caused by the European Premier League project, Andrea Agnelli resigned from the presidency and was replaced by Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

The latter brought nine of the twelve clubs that originated in the Premier League back into the NFL fold and established himself as a major player in football.

And this Monday, During his opening speech to the assembly,NAK announces the implementation of a new fair play financial system: “New FPF regulations will be developed with the aim of ensuring that European football remains at the forefront of sport and entertainment, while ensuring that we have a stable, sustainable and inclusive football hierarchy.”

“UEFA will work closely with UEFA to put this reform into practice, which will be discussed at the upcoming UEFA Congress this week. This is our number one priority.”Al-Khelaifi added.

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Since its implementation in May 2010 by UEFA, Financial Fair Play has been criticized by some clubs, believing that it prevents new owners from investing, thus protecting teams already at the top of football.

Financial fair play reform could introduce a “salary cap”. This is the maximum salary that already exists in competitions such as the NBA in basketball in the United States.

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