FIFA 23 is stronger than FIFA 22? Really great sales numbers!

Released only a few days ago, FIFA 23 is already talking about it. Whether it’s thanks to new game mechanics like Super Shooting that everyone agrees on, or due to the discussion of Ultimate Team, EA Sports’ production is the focus.

Thanks to this dust, there is no doubt that FIFA 23 has surpassed the actual sales figures of the previous compilation, FIFA 22. However, what makes this ending interesting is the fact that for two years No game of the license has ever managed to outperform its predecessor.

FIFA 23 goes up the slope

EA Sports’ major license games have been going downhill for a few years. With numbers constantly declining for two copies, no production has managed to reverse the trend. This was without relying on FIFA 23 which, with actual sales figures coming from the UK, It proves that a little innovation is a good thing in the end.

Evidence of its success, the last opus records 1.6 times the physical sales of FIFA 22. Because yes, the numbers revealed by our English neighbors relate only to physical sales.

As for the consoles, they are FIFA 23 on PS5 which are sold in greater numbers with 41% of the sharesthen comes PS4 by 30%. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series end up in last place in actual sales share with a small share 6%.

You’ll understand, who says physical sales say no PC numbers. For several years, the platform has been working with digital copies, and the exact number of its sales is still unknown, although at the moment FIFA 23 ranks high on the Steam Leaderboards.

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While FIFA 23 has only been out for a few days, players are complaining about the Fifa Ultimate Team mode that doesn’t seem to please its users… quite the contrary. Some are so upset that theories on networks go well!

FIFA 23 is out for a few days and players around the world are enjoying the virtual skills of football professionals. However, someone recently expressed their disappointment on the networks, saying that their avatar looks like a cartoon character!

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