Festive atmosphere at the Olympic Stadium in London

After hosting games for the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox in 2019, London’s Olympic Stadium will host two major league baseball games this weekend between National Football League rivals St. Louis and the Chicago Cubs.

This stadium, which is the home of English Premier League soccer team West Ham, has been completely transformed for the occasion.

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In order to bring the dimensions of this field in line with those of Major League Baseball, the officials called in the field advisor for the Manfred Arena, Murray Cook. He also masterminded a project to build a stadium in the cornfields for the famous movie “Field of Dreams” with two major matches taking place in 2021 and 2022.

Turning a rectangular field into a baseball field was not an easy task.

“The fields are unsuitable because right field or the left fence is 240 feet from the line. It doesn’t work for baseball, maybe in an exhibition game, but not for a regular season,” Murray Cook said in an interview with MLB.com on Saturday.

The characters are present

There were many personalities from the world of baseball and also from the world of cinema.

Among them, famous actor and longtime Chicago Cubs fan Bill Murray made the trip to cheer on his team.

Plus, legendary New York Yankees player Derek Jeter appeared with FOX Sports analyst for the first time on Saturday.


Gastronomy lovers can feast over the weekend. The event organizers made sure to put the Brits in a typical American setting by selling all kinds of food at the concessions.

On the menu: giant hot dogs and huge bowls of nachos. These two dishes are 2 feet long and contain 2,500 calories.

The chefs wanted to create a menu that incorporated the local specialties of the two cities.

Among these, there is the popular donut-shaped burger, which is a culinary specialty in St. Louis.

Major League Baseball will return to the British capital next year, the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies.

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