Ferrari debuts with a V6 hybrid engine

After the launch of the most efficient road car in its history, Ferrari will return to its senses a bit in the coming months, as will the new Porosango SUV, Berlinetta, which is also a hybrid.

Since the mid-1970s, Ferrari has been systematically tuning in with a V8 or V12. But the Italian manufacturer has no other choice but to reduce its carbon emissions and choose to downsize.. So, after Ferrari’s first plug-in hybrid, the SF90 Stradale, another berlinetta electrified vehicle is being prepared. Instead based on the F8 Tributo format, the spy photographers have surprised the latter. So far, unfortunately, we do not have much information on its topic. But one of them is certain: This futuristic model will carry a V6! A small event for most Maranello fans who have not used such architecture since DinoMeanwhile, powers have changed a lot and we’re talking about this futuristic sporty lady with a petty 700 horsepower going to the ground only via the rear wheels. Seeing the F8 Tributo performing devoid of any electrification and a buildup of 720 hp, we tell ourselves that the F171 – its name may be – will not be around to entertain the show.

Plug hybrid?

In the same way, Ferrari should drop a lot in displacement, given that this V6 can only “only” 3.0 cub and receives the support of two turbines.. No information has been filtered yet on the rest of the powertrain, but a closer look at the older sister Stradale’s technical sheet as well as that of the future designated opponent, the McLaren Artura, We say the F171 should have a small electric motor powered by a battery of less than 10 kWh. Modest capacity will not prevent its “power” from writing as it does on the SF90 (220 hp to 245 peaks) and it will hold the weight and fill it up quickly. In the SF supercar, the electric autonomy reaches about twenty kilometers. So it could be an additional Ferrari hybrid, while waiting for the Purosangue SUV That would also be looking forward to this new engine for the first time in 2022.

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Aesthetically, it is imperative for now that you are satisfied with this prototype that voluntarily plays the analogy with the SF90 before releasing itself from it later. For example, the tailpipes are fanciful here, as are the rear fenders intentionally inflated in order to confuse the tracks..

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