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The work of the Second National Conference on Disability and HIV/AIDS began on Friday, November 5, 2021; Chaired by the Minister of Health and Social Development, Mrs. Deminato Sangar, at the Grand Hotel Bamako. This meeting is part of the implementation of the FEMAPH-HI-RMAP + project “Improving access through inclusion in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Mali (AAMI-Tous Vih/Sida)” funded by France Experts.

The opening ceremony of this high-level conference was marked by the signing of a Declaration of Commitment between the Minister, Ms. Deminato Sangar, and the President of the Financial Federation of Disabled Associations (FEMAPH), Ms. Djekini. Hatouma GAKOU, regarding the inclusion of persons with disabilities in national tools for data collection on HIV/AIDS.
Over the course of one day, this meeting brought together 75 participants from the project team; FEMAPH’s strategic partners such as SE/HCNLS, MSDS, CSLS-TBH, UN-SIDA and civil society organizations involved in this field.
This conference, according to its organizers, had two strategic goals: the establishment of the National Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (PVH) as stipulated by Law No. 2018-027 of June 12, 2018 on the rights of persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities and executive decision; Inclusion of persons with recognized disabilities and populations at risk in the Integrated National Strategic Plan to Combat HIV, Tuberculosis and Viral Hepatitis (PSNI) 2021-2025 in Mali. The participants also had an exchange of good practices for the AAMI-Tous Vih/Sida project.
In her welcome speech, the President of FEMAPH, Ms. Djikiné Hatouma GAKOU, noted that the AAMI-Tous Vih/Sida project was designed by FEMAPH and the NGO HI and RMAP+ with the aim of engaging people with disabilities. to eliminate HIV/AIDS by the end of 2030.
From his observations, it is clear that FEMAPH, the NGO HI and RMAP+ have already carried out many advocacy activities in favor of inclusion of persons with disabilities in health collection and data tools.
I took advantage of this forum to invite the Minister of Health and Social Development who chaired the opening ceremony to commit to the inclusion of persons with disabilities in national tools for data collection on HIV/AIDS. By signing the Declaration of Commitment; Accessibility of persons with disabilities to public and private health infrastructure and facilities; Gradual extension and expansion of the AAMI-Tous Vih/Sida project, etc.
Before concluding, Mrs. Djekini Hatuma Djako expressed her thanks to the higher authorities of Mali; Ministerial departments, as well as all actors that invested in ensuring the issuance of Law No. 027 of 2018 dated June 12, 2018 relating to the rights of persons with disabilities and the signing of its executive decree.
After signing the Declaration of Commitment on behalf of her Ministry, the Minister in charge of Health, Mrs. Deminato Sangar, praised the Federation’s efforts to include people with disabilities in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The Minister also referred to all the texts and agreements ratified by Mali in favor of defending and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities. Ms. Deminato Sangar also called on this social group to be vaccinated and to respect the barrier measures against COVID-19.
She stressed that measures for the benefit of vulnerable groups in general and persons with disabilities in particular are among the priorities of the transitional president and prime minister. As evidence of this, Ms. Deminato Sangar confirmed the signing, on 1 September 2021, of the Law Enforcement Ordinance relating to Persons with Disabilities.
And at the end of the ceremony, FEMAPH awarded him a certificate of appreciation for all the efforts it continues to make to support its activists.

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By Abdallah Ouattara

Source: Info-Matin

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