February 7, Global: Affected – Approximately. 106 million; Deaths – approx. 2.32 million – 07.02.2021

The total number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has exceeded 106 million.

Of the total cases, more than 2,321.980 million patients died.

The number of survivors is over 78 million.

As of this report, there are 25,873,196 active cases worldwide, of which 25,914,167 have mild forms of SARS-CoV-2 infection and 104,352 have severe forms or are at risk.

The total number of cases closed was 80,547,064, of which 78,079,761 were declared cured and discharged, and 2,321,980 died.

Currently, the most affected countries are:

In the United States, there are a total of 27.51 million cases, of which 17,268,517 were reported to have been cured and discharged, with 9,777,591 active cases and 22,406 serious cases. There have been 473,528 deaths reported in the United States so far.

India, the second largest country affected by the new corona virus, has so far registered a total of 10.82 million cases, of which 149,681 are active. In India, 155,032 people died and 10,522,601 were reported cured.

In Brazil, a total of 9.49 million cases, of which 903,049 cases, 8,318 people were hospitalized in critical condition.

In Europe, the worst affected countries are Russia with 3,967,281 cases and the United Kingdom with a total of 3,929,835 cases.

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