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On Thursday, Istri celebrated the sad anniversary of the onset of the pandemic and honored the memory of the victims of COVID-19. In Istry, 310 people have died from it over the past year.

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At the head of public health in eastern townships since the beginnings of this pandemic, Dr. Alan Boerer evaluated this particular year as much from the region’s point of view as it is from his personal point of view, in an interview with VAT News.

Istry was among the first areas to be hit by the virus.

“At first, we were the first ones on our Spring Break trips a year ago. After that, it decreased, but when it started again in the spring, we had an outbreak,” he remembers.

The public health of the Istrian region itself had to cope with a major outbreak of its facilities. “Since we were mainstay workers, we had to limit ourselves to coming to work, for a while. There was nothing else, I was alone in my apartment,” he explained.

Dr. Poirier held the position of Dr. Horacio Arruda during the fight against H1N1. The doctor admits he has often questioned the decisions of the current national director of public health.

There is no absolute truth in all of this. It’s not that he’s not getting it right [d├ęcisions]Is that I wasn’t taking that. Do I have the answer if the answer I take would be good? Not at all, he said.

“When we talk to each other, public health managers, there are more cautious. Me, I am more of those who paint towards giving young people a chance, giving places a chance to practice sports.”

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The director of Ublique Health in Estrie hopes there will be no third wave, although variants have emerged.

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