Fast forward, this movie that has shocked generations of viewers is leaving Netflix tomorrow!

This cult film by Steven Spielberg is leaving the streaming platform on Sunday, May 15. Now or not you won’t have a popcorn party with this classic American cinema that hasn’t lost its power!

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The Netflix catalog re-floats at the same speed as it resizes. Among the content he scrapped on Sunday, May 15, is a Steven Spielberg classic. A movie we like to be afraid of: sea ​​teeth. Released in 1975, the first summer blockbuster in cinema history, which gave birth to several children-turned-adults with a very mysterious water-phobia (who knows if our feet wouldn’t be squashed raw?) was released as early as Sunday, May 15. Instead, tons of content will fill your time (check out the 5 best movies to watch on Netflix this weekend). Conspiracy sea ​​teeth It takes place in the resort town of Amity Island. A place becomes the scene of chaos due to a great white shark feeding on humans.

Jaws: Steven Spielberg’s crazy gamble

With a budget of $ 12 million (which is already not bad), the director brought 470 million. But at the dawn of filming, there was almost a technical problem that called everything into question: mechanical sharks were difficult to handle. They were made of polyurethane, were about eight meters long and weighed one and a half tons each. Inevitably, it is sent heavily… As a result, the director preferred simple suggestion rather than showing strength. And it worked, because the idea of ​​touching a fin is terribly more disturbing than seeing a monster. A good account certainly contributed to the success of the film.

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sea ​​teeth: Does the city really exist?

The answer is no: the city of Amity Island does not exist. The beach scenes for the feature film were not filmed in the studio, it’s a real seaside resort that served as a prop for filming. Located on Martha’s Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts, it attracted nearly 15,000 tourists in the summer of the film’s release in 1975. The coastal town of Edgardtown, east of the island, was not accustomed to such a landing.

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