Farébersville. A unique journey into space at B’Est . Shopping Center

B’Est offers its clients large-scale animations to make them travel in space for fifteen days. From July 5-17, the Farébersviller will host a new event: a one-of-a-kind exhibition by the Cité de l’Espace. An event presented for the first time like this in a shopping mall. This exhibition is presented by five islands of interactive discovery directly from space city In Toulouse, the leading European site for the dissemination of space and astronomical culture to the general public.

dynamic demonstrations

Box 1, “Living in Space”, allows you to discover real space objects: American and Russian spacesuits, an armchair by Soyuz and Thomas Pesquet. On Island 2, ‘Go into Space’, visitors will discover 1/20 scale models of Russia’s Ariane 5 and 6 launchers, Soyuz, Diamond and Falcon Heavy from Space X. On Island 3, ‘Earth Watch’, it is possible to discover satellites and their missions. , dynamic displays on a gyroscope table, and everything you need to observe the Earth from all angles. In Box 4: “Exploring the Solar System,” highlight the tools for analyzing our solar system and identifying all the planets. In Box 5, “Explore the Universe,” a gallery of 10 large photo panels and a touch model of the Milky Way.

star to adopt

Until July 8, customers can try to earn a star for adoption. 50 stars will be earned to be named. The winners will have the right to give the name they wish to their star which will be registered in the Starling Register of Stars, an international registry based on Hipparcos . catalog , which is a very accurate scientific document in which all the stars are numbered. On Saturday, July 17, the official baptismal certificate, star chart and information booklet about the star and its planet, as well as instructions for finding it, will be released.

To add a little spice to the immersion, visitors can try to re-launch Spaceventure, a wrecked spacecraft stranded in the mall’s central plaza.

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