Famous anti-fax activist Pierce Corbyn caught in a hot hoax – Liberation

Piers Corbyn, brother of Jeremy Corbyn, the former leader of the British Labor Party, has agreed to change his speech on the AstraZeneca vaccine for 11,800 euros.

A highly controversial figure in Great Britain, Pierce Corbyn has in recent months become an important figure in the anti-axe movement. A follower of conspiracy theorists, privately announced in October 2020 that «Bill Gates [voulait] Vaccines to control female fertility and reduce the world’s population”. In February, the police arrested him for comparing the vaccination policy to the extermination camps at Auschwitz.

But this ardent advocate of the anti-vaccine protests seems easily swayed by the promise of a few tickets. This is what the two comedians, Josh Peters and Archie Manners, demonstrated in an eight-minute video. Available on their YouTube channel. With more than 1.4 million subscribers, South African Josh Peters and his friend Archie Manners, actor and presenter on MTV International, are regular cheaters.

During a well-prepared plan, the two comedians first contacted Pierce Corbyn via email to make a donation to his “Stop New Normal” anti-tax campaign. Pierce Corbyn, also an astrophysicist, is known in England for his contested positions. Before his anti-vaccine campaign, he was particularly committed to climate skeptics. In 2015 he announced: Humans have no effect on climate change. […] This is a plot led by Qatar to keep oil prices high.” In order to trap Pierce Corbin, Josh Peters impersonates the son of a major restaurant entrepreneur who owns shares in AstraZeneca. His friend, Archie Manners, introduced himself as a business consultant. Corbyn agreed to meet them over lunch in a London restaurant.

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“that’s cool !”

During their interview at a restaurant in Sloane Square, the South African YouTuber explained that his family owns shares in AstraZeneca. “We can help you with your campaign if you help us too”, Josh Peters continues holding an envelope with 10,000 pounds (11,800 euros) inside. Pierce Corbin, 74, appears pleasantly surprised. “that’s cool”, He says, but repeats at first that he cannot adjust his position for money. The two men insist and stress that he does not need to change his speech, but simply to emphasize the harms of other vaccines, including Pfizer and Moderna. The goal is to spare AstraZeneca cash. Then the anti-breakage activist happily accepts and begins to paint some positive aspects of the British serum: “AstraZeneca is not a vaccine with messenger RNA that causes magnetic effects.”

The video ends with a well-coordinated slap of the hand. In order for the trick to be perfect, YouTubers planned to give away fake tickets to Piers Corbyn. Two more actors, recruited for the occasion, exchange the 10,000-pound envelope for another full of Monopoly tickets! Pierce Corbin leaves with fake money without realizing that he has been filmed from the start. After the video, he responded on his anti-vaccine campaign website to strongly denounce this order and the biased way the facts are presented. He added that he had “burst of laughter” When he opened the envelope with the Monopoly tickets, this meeting seemed to him from the start “strange”. It’s anyway a nice blow for the two comedians, whose videos crossed 500,000 views on YouTube on Wednesday in the middle of the afternoon.

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