Famous American football player Carli Lloyd announces her retirement

Every day I played on the field as if it was my last game. I never wanted to take anything for granted, especially not knowing how hard it is to get to the top, but it’s hard to stay at the top for longShe said in an American football statement.

The 39-year-old American ended a historic international career that began in July 2005 when she made her 23rd debut against Ukraine in Portland, Oregon. And he has 312 caps, just short of the record of 354 set by Kristen Lilly.

With her in the lineup, the US has an 88% win rate so far. Lloyd is one of four international players who have played 300 or more times for her country.

I want to thank US Soccer for providing opportunities and memories that will last a lifetime.

Quote from:Carli Lloyd, captain of the US women’s soccer team

She participated in four World Cups and four Olympic Games. She won gold at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics as well as scoring the winning goal in the final bronze medal match against Australia, the last Olympic match of her career in Japan.

Of all the goals, trophies, medals, and trophies I’ve won, the one I’m most proud of is that I’ve been able to stay true to myself.and tightened.

She was named FIFA Women’s Player of the Year in 2016 and has also been part of the movement demanding parity with national team players.

I’ve heard a lot of guys say they want to leave the sport in a better shape than they found it, and I think it’s definitely been a success. I know this team is in good hands on the field and the fans will continue to support our team in the future.

Quote from:Carli Lloyd

Lloyd’s consistent production throughout his career and his intense dedication and relentless pursuit of self-improvement well illustrate his contribution to the history of American and world football.

Lloyd is remembered for his impressive hat-trick at just 17 minutes after the start of the first half of the 2015 World Cup Final, a hat-trick that saw the United States beat Japan 5-2.

She won the Golden Ball as the best player in the World Cup.

Everyone sees the great times, but I cherish the work behind the scenes and the adversities I had to overcome to get to these great times.

Quote from:Carli Lloyd

Not only is its longevity considered exceptional, but its yield as well. Her 128 goals made her the fourth-best scorer in US history and fifth in the world.

Canada’s Christine Sinclair took the absolute first place, in either men’s or women’s soccer, with 187 international goals.

She finished her international career as the United States’ all-time leading scorer at the Olympics with 10 goals ahead of Abby Wambach. She also scored 10 goals in the World Cup, putting her in third place after Wambach (14) and Michel Akers (12).

Lloyd will end his international career after four friendlies scheduled in September and October, and his football career at the end of the season with Gotham FC.

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