Family Baseball Can Gather Together … The Proof!

Chloe is what we would call an emotional person. The girl who started baseball at the age of five and a half had to break prejudices to allow her parents to allow her to play this “dangerous” sport. But away from these insights received from today, Khloe has transformed all of her family. His brothers and sisters first, who joined him in the team, but also his father and then his mother, who became the president of the club. Portrait courtesy of and Crédit Agricole via the # PlusFortGr GrâceAuSport section.

« Baseball is like family, it’s a team sport, you play for everyone. You are with others and you are a complete part of the team. Baseball started when I was 5 and a half years old. My parents thought it was too dangerous for a young girl. She held on, like love at first sight. Less than two years after I started, my brother and sister got into the game as well, and after my father got involved in the game and my mom became president of the club 7 years ago. Today I love what I do, as I work in carpentry. It’s like baseball, it’s atypical and so it suits me. I am so happy to be able to share my passion with my family. We lived unique moments, we traveled all over France and the United States but also Canada. Baseball brought our family together.«

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