Families of patients tell of the “brutality” of COVID-19

Written by Elizabeth Pino

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Mosaddegh Pilatek, 57, breathes a mixture of air and oxygen with a mask in her room at Saint-Camille Hospital, in Brie-sur-Marne, on April 1.

Sitting on his bed, staring at the window from which we can see the Eiffel Tower and the Montparnasse Tower away, hiding in the fog of pollution, Thursday 1he is April, Mosaddegh Pilatek prepares to leave Saint Camille Hospital in Brie-sur-Marne (Val de Marne) after a week of hospitalization for Covid-19. Before leaving the internal medicine department of the private health institution of collective interest (Espic) and finding his daughter, Maysa, who came to pick him up, the 57-year-old patient performs one last routine procedure: he puts a spray on his face and inhales in deep breaths. This executive arrived in a large group in the La Defense district of Paris in respiratory distress on March 26. Even today, he has no idea how he was infected with the so-called British variant of the virus.

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“I played a little bad luck, I went through it for a year, I thought I could hold on until the pollen, I was doing everything for it. There was no relaxation in the barrier gestures, including at work, I wear the gel, I barely take off my mask,” Tested in a blocked voice, Sadeq Platk, who had no known risk factors. His wife contracted the virus at the same time he did, but she did not report any symptoms. As for their daughter Maysa, the PCR test was negative. In November, she was diagnosed with positive. “It was just a cold, I didn’t care any more, He tells us a cheerful 21-year-old, sophomore studente A year in the College of Business Administration. I was locked in my room for about a year, and it is true that I was not aware of the dangers until my father discovered them. There, I thought to myself, “We really see what’s going on on TV…” It was a shock. “

Mosaddegh Platic and her 21-year-old daughter Maysa leave Saint Camille Hospital in Brie-sur-Marne on April 1.

In their entourage, “Everyone was anxious, and this is happening all of a sudden. I received a lot of support, and after a year people are still realizing that it is a test, especially with the English language,” Whispers between the cough of Mr. Belattek, who had not been hospitalized until then.

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Another 11 patients were in “seizures”

More than twelve months after the outbreak of the epidemic in everyone’s daily life, families describe the same thing “astonishment” Upon seeing their loved ones, they are taken to hospital after a sudden deterioration in his condition. a Brutality Reported by Gladis L. (Who wishes to remain anonymous), 51-year-old child psychiatry executive. Her husband, Christian, 60, arrived on March 11 at Saint-Camille Hospital: he was first placed in intensive care, and since then has been in intensive care, in an artificial coma and intubated. In the adjacent rooms, in the basement of the hospital, there are 11 other patients, 7 men and 4 women, with an average age of 63: the youngest is 48 years old, and the oldest is 78. Starting April 7, the facility will increase to 20 intensive care and intensive care places.

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