Facing crowded terraces is a concern for scientists


In the UK, pubs and restaurants have reopened their terraces after four months of strict control. The reopening, for five days, led to meetings that disrespected the social distance the most. The government and scientists are worried and are talking about subjecting capital to some restrictions to avoid an increase in Govt-19 cases.

Concern of scientists

For five days, The people of London sit on the terraces of the streets. So, after the joy of returning to the terrace, worrying now is worrying. Since Monday, many people have been meeting every night to drink beer overnight.

The meeting is of concern to the scientific community, especially epidemiologist Anthony Horton: “I’m very concerned after the scenes we see in London, where people are using terraces without respecting distances,” he told Europe 1. The risk of increasing cases is that the spread is also increasing, and with this new South African variant, we do not want it to become the mainstay in the country because the vaccine against him is not very effective. “

Experiments to control the spread of the South African variant

In the southwest of the British capital, nearly 70 cases of the South African variant have been found. Tests are being carried out extensively in the three districts concerned to control its spread. Isabella, 24, lives in the Southeast and is one of the first people to make full use of the reopening of pubs. All of this doesn’t really panic. “I always think there is a risk, but I hope everyone has taken the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that everyone is protected. “

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The fact is that if the number of cases continues to rise, local prisons may be relocated to the capital.

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