Faced with labor shortages, American companies are offering rewards for recruitment


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L. De la Mornez, de Doncell, J. Poissonier, a. Monange – France 2

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In the United States, companies are struggling to hire. To deal with labor shortages, some are using less educational methods.

At this McDonald’s in Illinois, the candidates read it right: all new employees are given a new iPhone. As the economy rises and there is a shortage of manpower, the country‚Äôs states are competing for incentives. $ 1,000 is paid to all teachers returning to work in Florida. 6 1,600 for job seekers in Colorado. While the vaccine is in decline, we must now encourage those who are reluctant in the best possible ways.

“Good evening and welcome everyone to ‘Vox-a-Million’ in Ohio., Refers to the host. “I’m not going to leave my job right now. I like it. But I will clearly invest in the future.”, Says Abigail Bugenske, winner of the one-million-dollar ‘Vox-a-million’. With these offers, Joe Biden seems to be keeping his promise: to vaccinate 70% of adults by July 4th.

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