Faced with a truck shortage, the UK relied on trains

To avoid empty shelves at Christmas, the manager of the British Rail Network has been dedicating a large number of tracks to freight trains, according to newspapers. In the context of environmental change, some expect a sustainable shift towards rail.

Truck drivers across the channel are still missing. The 5,000 temporary visas issued to truck drivers from the European Union are not enough to meet the needs of the transport sector. In total, nearly 100,000 vacancies remain to be filled.

A few weeks before the annual holiday, there has been a rush against time to avoid shortages. “A lot of people are already afraid of Christmas as a family. Without alcohol, the test cannot be overcome,” he said. Fun The Sunday Times, Sunday, November 7.

To solve the distribution difficulties, the country is urgently switching to rail. Rail Network Manager, Network Rail, Set up the ‘wine train’ Weekly, The London newspaper explains, With the aim of shipping 4.5 million imported bottles to supermarket shelves before December 25th. Departing from major English ports, the railways reserved for freight traffic are increasing significantly. Postpone the planned work on the ballast, take advantage of the fact that some passenger trains are less used since the onset of the epidemic: it is better to seize all opportunities.

Modernize infrastructure

In Felixstow (East England), the entry point for 36% of containers


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