Facebook wants to copy audio lounges from the Clubhouse app

(SAN FRANCISCO) Facebook has set out to design voice chat rooms modeled after the Clubhouse app, already copied by Twitter, according to an article in The New York Times Wednesday.

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The Clubhouse platform, which launched last spring, is only available on and invited Apple-branded devices, but is already visited by about 2 million users every week.

They have access to conversations in small or large committees, on a variety of topics, which they can listen to like a podcast, but with the ability to participate.

According to anonymous sources, the American daily said, “Facebook executives asked employees to create a similar product, known internally by the temporary name Fireside (” fireside, “Editor’s Note).

A sign that audio format could become a staple, Twitter at the end of last year launched “Spaces,” which is testing it with a few hundred users.

These are also halls where dozens of people can debate while being listened to by a seemingly infinite number of participants.

Clubhouse has implemented several fundraising events. And the latter raised its value to about one billion dollars, according to the specialized website The Information.

The app has seen renewed success in recent weeks, especially thanks to interviews with notable guests, including Mark Zuckerberg, the president of Facebook.

Elon Musk, another sexy California entrepreneur, announced on Twitter on Wednesday that he will be speaking in Clubhouse with rapper Kanye West soon.

Facebook is always looking for the latest trends in the social media market. Hence, the tech giant has bought WhatsApp messaging and Instagram messaging app, which have become major.

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In 2020, following the meeting phenomenon on Zoom’s videoconferencing software, it launched “lounges” where users can meet for group discussions, such as virtual parties.

Instagram also recently created “Reels,” which are short creative videos very similar to those of TikTok, the app whose popularity has spread even far beyond its favorite younger audience.

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