Facebook has launched tools to better control its news feed

The Californian company introduces a new filter that will allow users to switch from a brief classification of their news by algorithms to another by time posts.

Internet users will also have access to the new comment management function within their posts, which gives them the ability to restrict interactions to specific people or even on pages, according to Facebook in a blog post.

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The Facebook social network now allows internet users to choose who can comment on their posts.

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With this add-on, the social network wants to reduce potential unwanted interactions.

In response to accusations of polarization?

The changes come as the California giant is being blamed for exaggerating hate speech and disinformation globally on its various platforms.

Separately, Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, said Wednesday in a message posted on Medium. The company’s algorithms do not lead to polarization.

The truth is that it is not in Facebook’s interest, financially or in terms of reputation, to continually heat up users and push them towards more extreme content.

Quote from:Nick Clegg

He also noted that the majority of Facebook’s revenue comes from ads, and that advertisers don’t want their brands and products to be displayed right next to them. Extremist or obnoxious content.

For now, the new feed filtering feature is only available to Android device owners, but Facebook plans to expand it to its iOS app in the coming weeks.

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