Extremist speech: Victory for Google, Facebook and Twitter in the US

The high court handed the tech giants a major victory without entering into a larger debate over the law that has protected them for a quarter century from lawsuits over the content they put online.

In effect, it ruled in two separate cases.

First, the parents of a young American woman killed in an attack in Paris in November 2015 filed a complaint against YouTube’s parent company, Google, which they accused of supporting the growth of IS by recommending its videos to some users. .

Second, relatives of the victim of the January 1, 2017 Istanbul nightclub attack believed that Facebook, Twitter and Google could be considered. Partners As their efforts to remove content from the IS group were insufficient, the attack Vigorous.

It is not enough that bad actors profit from these platforms to establish that criminals knowingly provided substantial assistance and therefore aided these groups.Justice Clarence Thomas writes in the court’s unanimous decision.

We conclude that plaintiffs’ allegations are insufficient to establish that defendants assisted ISIS in carrying out the attack.Writes again.

Judging that there must be sufficient arguments without entering into the debate Section 230Supreme Court of the United States Rejects Since 1996, the study of this law has been considered a pillar of the rise of the Internet.

The text mandates that companies in the technology sector cannot be considered teachers and enjoy legal exemptions for content posted on their sites.

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